Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation 09: Beauty and the Blacksmith

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The picture says a lot about Camille and her situation.

The "lady and the tramp" type scenarios are pretty common in movies and shows, and to be honest I kind of get tired of them, but at least Ikoku Meiro didn't have the usual romantic cliches that make them (sometimes) unbearable. I suppose Claude isn't exactly a "tramp", but he is pretty far down the ladder as opposed to Camille, if the "stray cat" references didn't make that obvious. The show did a nice job of wrapping up this chapter of the story without becoming redundant (another episode solely on the two would have been pushing it I think), and now I'm about ready to move on and see what else Ikoku Meiro has to offer.

Finally, his father. It's about time.

I hope I'm not the only one who wanted to see Claude and Camille mend their relationship, since Claude seemed to have a pretty negative opinion of her up until the last 2 or so minutes. I shouldn't forget he's a bit of tsundere, but I would hope that the "play date" between Yune and Alice at least opened his eyes to the societal differences between their families. Not that he didn't already know there was a difference, but maybe now he'll respect them more ... I suppose. I mean, it's not Alice's or Camille's fault what family they're born into and a good amount of Claude's, erm, displeasure towards them seems to be based off of that. Alice made it pretty clear that Camille is expected to marry into a wealthy family, and I guess Camille doesn't want to (or doesn't have the strength to) go against her family's wishes.

I'm not too sure where the show is going next, since I forgot to watch the preview, but I hope we get a break from the Blanche sisters for at least a week. A little more focus on Claude or Yune wouldn't hurt, since it seems they both have some interesting family dynamics with Claude's father and Yune's sister. I'm sure no matter what I'll still enjoy it. What did you think of the episode? What do you think of Camille?

They're so cute.


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