Saturday, August 20, 2011

NO.6 07: Lies (and Kisses)

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Expecting a screencap of a kiss? No, you get puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.

I'm so glad I chose to watch NO.6, and equally glad of the other shows I picked. The last couple months have been my favorite since starting to watch anime regularly a few years ago. Though the past few seasons have had a few shows here and there that I enjoyed (and even a few that became favorites), I've always ended up with a bunch of shows that became a chore to get through. This season however I'd list every show I'm watching (NO.6, Usagi Drop, Kamisama Dolls, Penguindrum, Ikoku Meiro, Nichijou) among my top 20, excluding iM@S which hasn't been as spectacular, but still very enjoyable. Okay, okay, enough yapping.

I wasn't sure how to start this post. My first draft somehow started with compliments for the animation and ended with a comparison of NO.6 to Togainu no Chi. My second was mostly me talking about the same boring symbolism I find every episode. So, I thought I'd just jump right in on my third attempt and write about whatever comes to mind. Warning: I have no idea where this will go.

no.6, no. 6, no 6, shion, nezumi, shonen ai)
Best couple of the season? Hm ... maybe.

It didn't take me 30 seconds before logging on to MAL to realize Shion and Nezumi kissed. If the build-up all over the forum wasn't enough, the comments I read on multiple blogs pointed it out very clearly. Though, I wasn't happy about what I was reading. Debates about equality, arguments over opinions on shonen-ai, and the usual BS you'd expect. Gotta' love humanity! I don't like arguing and fighting so I just sit back, read their posts, and usually laugh or sneer. (For the record, I'm not berating their opinion, I'm berating their obvious hate and opposition to equality. I could care less if someone dropped the show because it makes them uncomfortable, but the people who criticize it for "hating that gayz" are annoying as hell.) Anyway, I for one am all for Shion and Nezumi as a couple, but I still doubt it'll end up that way. I'm predicting an ambiguous ending with Safu, Shion, and Nezumi as friends. But I guess we'll see!

I think people spend too much time concerned about them anyway, for me the dystopian setting and the somewhat vague opening plot has always been the most interesting, especially now with the new sub-plots. I have to say, I felt pretty terrible when I found out Safu had been captured for experiments. She's always been the most "real" character to me, and by real I mean she's always about the truth and speaks her mind. All those suppressed emotions that seemed to building up about NO.6 and Shion are now locked away. That's NO.6 for you! Now it's time for Shion and Nezumi to be heroes. (I would hope.)

no.6, no. 6, no 6, karan
Kiss yet? Nope, first you get worried Karan.

I'm super hyped for next week. Safffuuuuu~ What'll happen to you? I'm hoping for some kick-butt versions of Shion and Nezumi to break in and save her, but after watching the preview I think I might be more excited for some flashback action. Little version of Dogkeeper, aw! Also, I feel like the wasp plot didn't get enough mention this episode. I heard a few things about serums, but with all this business with Safu will Shion even have time to make one?

What did you think of the episode? Any thoughts on Shion and Nezumi?

no.6, no. 6, no 6, kiss, shion, nezumi, shonen ai
Okay, here's the kiss. :D


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