Sunday, August 28, 2011

NO.6 08: Deception

Dream team.

This post is going to be stupidly short, the VMAs are about to start and I'm honestly pretty excited to watch. (Adele, woo!) Anyway, I'm sort of iffy on this episode. It wasn't the most enjoyable episode, but it did squeeze in 20 minutes worth of solid story developments to move the plot along into it's final quarter. I'm not sure what to think of the direction the show is now going in, but I'm sure all this Elyurias business will sink in later. I'm not a big fan of "plot dump" episodes, but I guess this was the best way for the show to fill in the audience.

At first I thought I was watching Dogkeeper.

It was nice to get a little back-story for Nezumi, albeit a little forced. I noticed a lot of bloggers pointed out some "oddities" with the developments regarding the six districts. I see their point too, but whatever. The show has been so great up until now, I couldn't really care more. As long as we're not left hanging in the end then I think NO.6 will do fine. Also, finally, Nezumi sang! He had a great voice. The VMAs started, nuuuuu.

How did you feel about this episode?

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