Thursday, August 4, 2011

NO.6 05: "Get thee to a nunnery!"

no.6, no. 6, no 6, episode 5
The wasps strike again!

I'm amazed at the amount of fantastic shows airing this season (NO.6, Penguindrum, Ikoku Meiro, Usagi Drop, Nichijou, and Kamisama Dolls in particular), but wow, this was another excellent episode. Every week leaves me dying to know what will happen next, and I've even had to mentally convince myself that looking for spoilers in the light novel would ruin the overall impact of the show, so I'm staying away from that for now. This episode wasn't short on despair and distress we've come to expect, but the occasionally blissful scenes were the ones that really brought the 23 minutes to life.

This week split the focus between Shion/Nezumi and Safu, who up until now had been studying in No.5, which seems more friendly and accommodating compared to the harsh and competitive No.6. On Shion's side of things we learned a little more about Nezumi and his possible connection with Safu in some way, strangely enough. I might be theorizing too much about their simultaneous visions, but there's no way it was coincidental.

no.6, no. 6, no 6, episode 5, nezumi, crossdressing
Guess who~

Inukashi and Rikiga seem to be here for good with their appearances in this episode. I thought Rikiga would act only as a tool for developing Shion's sudden change in personality, but I was wrong. He's annoying in some respects, but seeing him stumble in fear from a rat was hilarious. One thing I don't understand is how Inukashi seems to have no recollection of the fight she had with Nezumi. It wouldn't be fair to take any of it out on Shion, but it's odd that it wasn't even mentioned. I suppose it's not important anyway. I'm glad the side characters aren't forgotten and continue to help the plot move along, they're all pretty likable too which is a bonus.

I didn't hate Safu, but I wasn't particular fond of her, however this episode made her a lot more important in the story rather than being just the smart girl back home. I'm not sure what to think of her vision and what it means, but the fact that Nezumi had the exact same one will be important. Safu knows who Nezumi is now, and how it affects the story will be interesting, especially now that she's returning to No.6, which is infected with the wasps. Oh and her grandma dying ... I was sad, to say the least.

no.6, no. 6, no 6, episode 5, nezumi, shion, dancing, couple
He might be a terrible dancer, but at least he's better than I am.

The dance scene between Shion and Nezumi was surprisingly well executed. It looked beautiful with the great animation and sudden changes in backdrops and lighting, but it was what happened after the dancing that had the biggest impact. Last week Shion experienced a sudden unexpected change in his personality, as I mentioned, and once again it happened, but this time to Nezumi. The violence associated with Shion's kind dialogue was odd and a bit creepy. Clearly not everything was put back to normal when Nezumi cured Shion and his reactions are probably due to the wasp.

So much to think about! I feel like this is one of those shows that lasts with me even after it's over. Things are definitely going to get pretty disastrous soon, especially now that the effects of the wasps are showing in winter, despite Shion's predictions of it starting in spring. So, what did you think of the episode? Have any predictions?

no.6, no. 6, no 6, episode 5, safu, anne


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