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Mawaru Penguindrum 05: Survival Strategy + Ringo

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You're supposed to be a stalker, but why do I feel so bad for you?

If you thought Penguindrum was crazy before now then you won't be surprised to learn that it just got even crazier, in a good way of course. The show finally delivered in the one aspect I thought was lacking since episode 2, character development. I feel as if I now genuinely care for all the characters in a non-superficial way, even Ringo. One thing Penguindrum does better than many of the shows I've seen is it's perfect use of flashbacks. Instead of acting as a way to summarize events, they add lots of depth to the story and to the characters. This week had a whole mess of confusing scenes that I'm sure will make more sense in the future, but at the same time a lot of previously confusing aspects of the show became a little clearer.

penguindrum, mawaru penguindrum, episode 5, penguin drum, masako, masako natsume, asami, asami kuhou
penguindrum, mawaru penguindrum, episode 5, penguin drum
Um ... what?

The new character, Masako, who you might remember from the OP, is clearly related to the penguin symbols in someway. Seeing her use the penguin slingshot to erase Asami's memories was really freaky, but what is she trying to hide? Asami said she recognized the man who pushed her down the escalator, which prompted her to take out the weapon, so it must be someone close. At the end of the episode in a flashback Mr. Takakura was wearing a jacket with the same penguin symbol, and how that relates to Masako is beyond me. And in the grand scheme of things, it must somehow relate to the penguin hat and the Penguindrum, right?

Speaking of Mr. Takakura, we learned this episode that he and his wife are alive and "aren't coming home", according to the Takakura's uncle. It completely goes against everything I originally thought about them no longer being alive, and this revelation seems to point towards their parents having something to do with the whole penguin ordeal. Though I think I was most interested in Kanba this episode since we learned a lot more about his past and we know why he works so hard to protect Himari. The flashbacks of him helping his father to take Himari to the hospital in the middle of the storm were very heartwarming, and that same feeling was reflected in the chase scene for the penguin hat. What wasn't heartwarming though was the shady exchange he made on the train for money to save the house. I respect him for wanting to raise the money, but that money didn't just come from nowhere and whatever it was he did to earn it is suspicious.

penguindrum, mawaru penguindrum, episode 5, penguin drum, shouma, shouma takakura, kanba, kanba takakura
Everything about the chase scene was amazing.

Okay, now to probably the whackiest, but most interesting parts of the episode, Survival Strategy! When Ringo was somehow taken into the transformation scene to take Kanba's spot I didn't know how to feel. At first I was laughing my head off at the sheer brilliance of it all, then Himari called her a slut and I almost fell of my chair, but then Ringo did something completely unexpected by punching Himari and taking the hat. The fact that Ringo was even there was shocking, but now she's directly tied to the whole situation and knows about Shouma's real intentions of taking the diary. It will be very interesting to see how she acts next episode.

I'm surely missing some of the things I wanted to bring up, but I just got lost in all the crazy antics of episode 5 and now all I want is episode 6 as soon as possible! Also, penguins + roaches = hilarity, there was probably some symbolism there, but it went right over my head. What did you think of the episode? Better or worse then your expectations? Any theories?

penguindrum, mawaru penguindrum, episode 5, penguin drum, himari, himari takakura, shouma, shouma takakura, ringo, ringo oginome
This is what you get for serving curry.


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