Monday, August 29, 2011

The iDOLM@STER 08: Wandering Azusa

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Just Azusa. No unwitty caption for you.

Well that was different. If I was to describe this episode in three words I'd say exaggerated, pointless, and yet lots of fun. Okay, the last one's more of a statement, but you get my point. Though the entire thing was over-the-top (like the midair fight sequence and the raging crowd of people), it was pretty enjoyable. It's not like I'm watching anime for "realistic" anyway. I would say though that I wish there was more interaction between the characters rather then 23 minutes of Azusa, and pretty much every other character, running aloof. It felt like one big wild-goose chase that in the end only really concerned a couple throwaway characters we'll probably never see again.

idolmaster, idolm@aster
Well that's always a good reason to marry someone you don't know.

Of course there was some focus on this week's random grouping of Azusa, Makoto, and Miki, but they were all there mostly to add to the antics of the episode. Makoto seems to have some insecurity with her appearance, which is understandable. She's always pushed as the "boyish" idol, like being assigned to wear the tux, but I wonder how she feels about it. I mean, we don't really know if she even likes that trait, and this episode didn't really do much to inform us. Miki seems to feel completely confident with her "look" and doesn't shy away from attention at all. It's nice to see the continuity with her character too, I don't think I've seen her lazing around and sleeping once since her talk with the Producer.

Azusssaaaa! What did you get yourself into!? She was pretty hilarious getting into all those different situations, whether it was fortune telling or mistaking a ferris wheel ... for a taxi. I never understood why there was so much pressure on young women in Japan to get married (I mean, it seems like Azusa feels a bit pressured), maybe it's just in anime, but love seems like something that shouldn't be forced - ex. Oil Man and shallow Tsundere - but rather something that happens just from getting to know people. Am I getting preachy ... oh boy, what do I know. Azusa might just really love the idea of marriage, and I'm totally overthinking everything as usual. But really, the relationship between those two new characters felt so shallow.

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The insert songs this episode were pretty short, and I'm pretty sure they were mostly Makoto with some Azusa thrown in, but I could be wrong. They were nice, but I felt like they weren't played long enough and the action/sound effects kind of pushed them out of focus even more. I'll probably listen to the full version on YouTube if I get the chance. The ED was a song from the new group Ryuuguu Komachi, which Azusa is apart of, and I instantly recognized the vocals of the three girls, which is good because it means they're memorable.

What did you think of the episode?

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  1. I guess with Azusa, it's more of her dream of wanting to get married. A lot of young girls seem to have that dream of nabbing their ideal guy and marrying him in a lovely ceremony. Probably more yearning and fantasy of the wedding and honeymoon image themselves rather than reality i.e. married life post-wedding and honeymoon many years after lol.

    As an Azusa-centric episode, it did well in focusing most of the story on her alone but I have to agree with you that Makoto and Miki's involvements felt a bit disjointed with regards to their direct dynamics with Azusa, even though they played somewhat important roles in contributing to the plot. It was really more of a single character focus episode like with Yayoi's rather than a focus on a group of them.