Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation 07: Kids and Colds

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 7, alice, alice blanche
lulz, Alice.

Aw, everything about this episode was so adorable. These types of shows almost always have some sort of "sick/cold" episode, so I wasn't surprised about it, especially since it's been sort of building up over the past few weeks. The show did something special though by making it very realistic. We've seen Yune coughing and slowing down the last couple episodes so it wasn't like it just suddenly hit her, like it seems to do in most similarly themed episodes when a person runs out into the cold for a couple seconds and suddenly gets struck with a life threatening disease.

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 7, yune
Aw, poor Yune. )=

Claude was really irritating in the way he treated Yune at first, even though she was only doing what she thought was right, but by the end of the episode I went back to loving him. Sometimes he can have a bit of a temper, and maybe even be a little over-protective, but it's clear he really cares for Yune (and his grandfather) and only acts the way he does because maybe he cares a little too much.

And then there's Alice who is actually becoming a lot more likable. It's nice to see her and Claude finally interacting without yelling at each other for the sake of Yune. Also, her distorted scenes are hilarious as always, especially when it involves Japanese customs.

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 7, yune's sister
Camille and Yune's sister are so similar.

I think I remember Yune mentioning her sister before, but we finally got to see her this episode. I hope it's not the last time either because she and Yune are very cute together as a family. Maybe she'll pay Yune a visit in France? Another minor character also reappeared, the thief boy. Claude was really harsh on him, but Yune managed to convince him to stop stealing with a kiss. It seems like he might even have a little crush on her!

And OMG! Camille/Claude next episode! Finally! I can't wait to learn more about them and it seems we'll be getting some flashbacks too. So, what did you think of the episode?

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 7


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