Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation 05: Trust

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I love these two.

Another fantastic episode of Ikoku Meiro has gone by and I'm still amazed at how every episode manages to blend a relaxing, yet enjoyable pace and a detailed, character-driven story without ever becoming "boring". Throughout every episode I'm left smiling at the show's charm and laughing at it's unusual wit. This week had more focus on the setting as Yune experienced first-hand the complete opposite societal ways of the French who. according to Claude, don't greet you with a smile unless you're friends or they have bad intentions.

Since the start I was used to the more friendly depiction of the main characters who had little interaction with anyone besides each other, maybe excluding Alice who was a little bit of a jerk. But we quickly learned that even the Galerie du Roy is not without it's bad sides. For me one of the more depressing parts of this episode was the number of stores boarded up in the background of almost every shot. It's pretty obvious now how big of an impact the department store is having on the smaller, specialized stores.

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 5
Paris is as beautiful as ever.

I felt bad for Yune when she was running through the streets looking for the boy who stole the candle, but I was more mad at Claude for turning her into a constantly suspicious person rather then her usual open and accepting self. The differences between their two cultures is so clear and I love how the show uses that to develop the characters, but I personally feel like Claude made a mistake trying to convince Yune that people can't be trusted. Just look at the affect is had on her.

Overall though, Claude was wonderful this episode. Instead of getting angry with Yune for being a bit attached to everything he does (because of her background in Japan), he taught her about the differences in freedom and how she can do whatever she wants with her time. I've noticed each episode she's been more independent too, so it's nice to see that development with the characters. There's really nothing negative to say about this show week after week, even though I'm a person who watches for the positive aspects of the show rather than nitpicking on the negatives.

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 5
Will he be back in the future?

Judging from the preview Alice and Camille will be back next episode, which I see as a good thing because it gives the show the opportunity to develop the two Blanche girls and also develop the whole department store vs. Galerie du Roy conflict. I'm hoping I'll come to like Alice a little better as a character, but if she does nothing but yell and try to steal Yune again ... well, I don't know.

What did you think of the episode? What did you think of Claude this episode?

Also, my new laptop has cut out a lot of extra cropping time from posting, so I should be able to work a lot faster and get posts up sooner now. I was even thinking about possibly picking up another show, but we'll see. Have any advice for a new blogger to improve what I'm doing?

ikoku meiro, ikoku meiro no croisee, episode 5, yune
Was I the only one who found the performer a bit creepy?


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