Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The iDOLM@STER 07: Pride, and beans.

the idolmaster, idolmaster, idolm@aster, yayoi, yayoi takatsuki

Well that was a very sweet and heartwarming episode, which is exactly what I'd expect from Yayoi. After switching it up the past few weeks with the new group we're back to a "single character focused episode", though I wouldn't even call it that because both Yayoi and Iori were pretty prominent and Iori got lots of development for her character. Besides the insert song and ED, which I didn't really enjoy, this week was great and even had me on the verge of tears for a moment.

On a side note, I clicked on a link on MAL out of boredom and was directed to a youtube video called "Home-Haruka - Love & Joy". I never laughed so hard. Check it out! (The song is actually very good too!)

the idolmaster, idolmaster, idolm@aster, yayoi, yayoi takatsuki, hibiki, hibiki ganaha, iori, iori minase
Yayoi does a lot for her family, she's an excellent sister.

I figured Yayoi's episode would have a lot to do with her family, but I was surprised at the amount of development Iori got. I have to say, it was great to see a new side of her. Up until now I was pretty much used to her being a little bit of a one sided tsundere, but I feel like she's grown a lot since episode 1 and 2, especially now that she's part of an idol group. Her speech to Yayoi's brother was very touching, I was actually expecting Yayoi to be the one that found and talked to him. Hibiki tagged along again as well and once again we didn't really learn much about her, but ever since the Chihaya episode I feel like I'm starting to like her character a lot more. (since she initially kind of annoyed me)

It's nice to see that the show keeps building on the relationships between the idols and also with the Producer. There's a nice balance there between the music aspect of the show, the business aspect, and the stories of each of the girls. Like I said earlier though, I wasn't a big fan of Yayoi's songs. Her voice seemed a little too artificial to me and the lyrics were meh, but they weren't bad by any means and I'm sure people out there will like it.

the idolmaster, idolmaster, idolm@aster, iori, iori minase
I think I'm an Iori fan now.

As long as iM@S keeps delivering these really enjoyable episodes it might just become one of my favorites of the season, but it has a lot of competition, not that it really matters. Also, apparently the show is running for 20+ episodes, and I decided I'll be blogging it into it's second cour along with Penguindrum. Next week, Azusa in a wedding dress and Makoto in a tux? Hm. I guess it's some sort of gig, or maybe Chihaya is getting married and Makoto is attending? o__o Naahhhh.

the idolmaster, idolmaster, idolm@aster, yayoi, yayoi takatsuki, hibiki, hibiki ganaha
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  1. It's always good to see someone enjoying iM@S for what it is :). I've seen a lot of people bashing the show mostly because they find the stories incredibly disappointing, cheesy and shallow. It does make me wonder that perhaps they're taking it a little too seriously and are expecting things which are different from what the premise and setting have to offer, much like how people were bashing K-ON back then for being more of a moe school life series rather than a series about music.

    With that said, likewise, I enjoyed this episode. I don't find anything fresh or original about it but I liked it nonetheless because it did what it's still doing best and that is showcasing its characters' individual stories and idiosyncratic personalities. Yayoi's stories are always fun to watch whenever they focus on her family because the plot isn't only solely about her. :)

  2. I feel like the best way to watch any anime is to, like you said, enjoy it for what it is and not dwell on the negatives or take it too seriously. Watching anime is supposed to be something you should enjoy. :D And I completely agree with you, so far my favorite part has been the characters. They all have their own unique characteristics and stories that are slowly making them more then just stereotypes.