Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, I finally started Nichijou ...

nichijou, episode 1
For a visual comparison, this was my reaction to, say, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.

It's hilarious, maybe even as funny as Squid Girl and Ichigo Mashirmaro, which were the funniest shows I've ever seen in my few years of watching anime. I've never seen random done so perfectly. Maybe it's because I'm incredibly easy to make laugh, but almost every minute was spot on, except for maybe that Helvetica Standard skit that I didn't understand. The quirky characters, the fitting and stylish production, the jokes, everything just worked in the strangest of ways.

I'm only one episode in, so I don't want to get ahead of myself ... but oh my god was that funny. I had to close my door to avoid that awkward situation when someone peeks in on your strange, japanese animation and asks what's so funny. They wouldn't understand ... I'm not even sure I do, but I'm definitely sad I didn't pick up the series when it first started.

Also, my new response to anyone who tells me Happy New Year is going to be "Me too." I mean, I already forget that saying "You too." as a response to Happy Birthday makes no sense, might as well embrace my awkwardness.

What do you think of Nichijou? Does it get better, does it get worse?

nichijou, episode 1, mai, mai minakami
And my reaction to Nichijou.


  1. Ah, I'm loving Nichijou. It may very well be the funniest anime I've seen. It's probably gotten more laughs from me than any other show, at least. And there's still about ten episodes to go!
    Granted, the jokes are hit-and-miss, but there are a *lot* of jokes, and many of them are really hilarious.
    The animation and music is quite spectacular too, surprisingly.

    If you liked the first episode, you'll probably enjoy the series more and more as you go along--at least that was my experience.

  2. Five episodes in now and it's still incredibly funny. Likewise, I feel some of the jokes are a miss, but so far it seems the majority work. I think the best part, well for me at least, is that all the characters add something great to the show, though my favorites have to be Yuuko and Mai at the moment, they're hilarious together.

    I'm hoping you're right about enjoying it more and more as I get further in! A lot of comedies I've watched seem to slump half-way through, but maybe it'll break that trend. ^^

  3. I guess I see an incentive now to pick up Nichijou proper. I watched Episode 0 and I'm afraid it didn't do much for me. It's not helped by the fact that quite a lot of viewers were bashing its sense of humor. I heard it's a different case with the main series though in that it's better than Episode 0 so maybe I should at least check it out. I'd rather start late than miss out on something great. ^^

  4. The slapstick humor isn't the type everyone finds funny, but it's worth giving a shot! Either you'll love every second like me, or find it kind of dull like a lot of people I've heard from on forums. I was the same way as you though, I read a lot of posts from people bashing Episode 0 so I decided not to start the TV series, but eventually I did and now it's one of my favorites. (=