Friday, July 29, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 04: The girl in red heels.

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Looks like Ringo is here to stay!

Last week's episode made the whole Ringo situation seem monotonous, but that completely changed, episode four was brilliant! Penguindrum is back with lots of laughs, skunks, and a whole slew of amazing plot developments. I'm so glad this series is running for 24 episodes because it's already outstanding and I'm sure we can expect even more to come. If you haven't picked up Mawaru Penguindrum, you should definitely give it a shot!

Himari, and the entire "Survival Strategy!" sequence took a back seat this week to let Ringo shine as both a hilarious and very peculiar character. I can't help but break out into laughter every time she makes one of her distorted faces, and those opera scenes were even better. I seriously think she may have even been funnier then the penguins this week, who had me laughing just as much. Maybe it's because in life I find almost everything funny for some reason, but this week definitely delivered on the comedy side of things.

mawaru penguindrum, penguindrum, penguin drum, episode 4, ringo, ringo oginome, keiju, keiju tabuki
This girl is so crazy, I love it!

This week Kanba and Shouma separated to take care of their ... responsibilities. Kanba had to take a day to deal with the ladies he's hurt in the past, and Shouma had to go with Ringo on her birdwatching trip with Keiju (and eventually Yuri) in hopes of learning more about the "penguindrum". Don't get me wrong though, Ringo WAS hilarious, but she was still her usual obsessed stalker-ish self. Throughout the day the writings of "fate" in her diary started to all come true, which Shouma caught on to.

We're finally getting a little bit closer to realizing what this "penguindrum" is, but now I'm almost certain it's that diary. I'm probably completely wrong, but all signs point to it at the moment. Then again, we ARE dealing with the director of Utena here, so anything can happen. Ringo didn't realize that it was Shouma who kissed her at the end though, not Keiju, but in her diary she never specified who it was that kissed her, I don't believe. So, Shouma and Kanba will probably be trying to get their hands on that diary next week.

mawaru penguindrum, penguindrum, penguin drum, episode 4, shouma, shouma takakura, ringo, ringo oginome
And you thought Kanba was the ladies man.

The most shocking part of this episode was the ending, which I for one did not see coming. One of the women who were meeting with Kanba was pushed down an escalator by a mysterious shadowy figure while Ringo went about her monologue in the background. What's most creepy is that she was in Ringo's diary. Did that woman have something to do with the "penguindrum"? I don't know, but do I think it was Ringo that pushed her? Yes. If the penguindrum ISN'T the diary, then Ringo (or someone else we haven't met) might be taking the actions written in the dairy upon themselves.

This is one of those shows that I have so much I want to say about that the words just all come out in one big "bblllaaah". Maybe I should wait longer before writing my posts for Penguindrum, but I found this episode so amazing that I had to post asap! So, what did you think of the episode? What do you think the penguindrum is?

mawaru penguindrum, penguindrum, penguin drum, episode 4, penguin
Customary penguin screencap. ENJOY.


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