Friday, July 15, 2011

The iDOLM@STER 02: Individuality

Producer, don't you have a job to be doing!

This week on iDOLM@STER the focus was clearly on the younger members of 765 Production Ami, Mami, Yayoi, and more specifically, Iori. With the challenge of a photo-shoot up ahead, the four girls struggled to find what it is that makes one pop star different from the rest, and came to the conclusion that it is individuality. Though their grasp on the concept was ... well, amiss.

The episode improved on the previous by having a clearer focus and developing the characters a little more, but the presence of the Producer (who is no longer behind a camera) made things slightly awkward. He's far from an interesting character and gets in the way of the character interactions that make the show funny.

... Not the type of individuality I was expecting.

Iori turned out to be quite an involved character. I felt as if last episode she had the most development and I was hoping it wouldn't be lost, and luckily the show expanded on that a fair deal, especially in the ED. We knew she was competing with her wealthy family to prove how important she can become, but it can now also be assumed (by the ED) that she's been alone for most of her life and filled that void with Usa-chan, her rabbit. I guess it's not entirely important, but at least now her personality and actions are explained.

My biggest worry for the show is the unclear direction. If each episode gives focus to a different character it could turn into an enjoyable series, but if episodes like this are going to be mixed in with the craziness like episode 1, than I might lose interest. I'm mainly watching for the characters at the moment, since there's not really any plot, and unless they get some focus at some point then we're losing the strongest aspect of the show, well, besides the music.

Tons of potential for strong characters.

I mentioned music being a positive aspect of the show, and that continued into the second episode with the OP, ED, and a wonderfully pleasant insert song. Keep it up! Also, for anyone wondering, all of the characters still appear in the episode and most get a fair share of screen-time as well. I'm glad the show isn't ignoring characters even if they aren't the focus, it gives them a chance to be slightly developed in some ways.

The moral of the episode, having to do with natural beauty rather than artificiality, was nice, but "who watches for morals!" I know. I know. But I can't help myself from looking for different themes and morals that are usually overlooked, blame advanced placement English, aka Hell. Anyway, what did you think of episode 2? Worth continuing?

Classy Ritsuko, very classy.


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