Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 02: Fate

mawaru penguindrum
These two are terrible stalkers ...

Things have taken a turn for the ... creepy. After last weeks bizarreness I was expecting a more lighthearted second episode to develop the characters, but instead we got another episode dedicated to the plot surrounding the "Penguindrum". The show is two cour so I didn't think the story would move along at such a fast pace; the majority of the OP characters are now introduced, and the mission to retrieve the Penguindrum is already in motion. If Mawaru Peguindrum keeps hitting us with these great episodes, takes some time to develop the characters before it's too late, and doesn't bore us with fillers, it might become a classic like Utena.

Getting back to the creepy, episode two once again brought up the concept of fate and destiny, but handled it in a completely different way. Stalking, obsessions, and pervy penguins were abound, and while our flightless friends once again handled the humor, Ringo (who you might remember from episode one) took creeping to a new level.

mawaru penguindrum
... but at least they're not as creepy as this girl.

The episode started off with the same fabulous transformation scene from last week and once again the personality from the hat (in the form of Himari) demanded the Takakura brothers to retrieve the Penguindrum, else risk something bad happening to their sister. Instructed to follow Ringo, for most likely having the Penguindrum in her possession, the boys set out with the two male penguins, fittingly named Penguin 1 and Penguin 2. (Whenever I say fabulous now I can't help but think of Star Driver ...)

The penguins were once again hilarious to watch. Almost every time they're on screen I can't help but laugh at their amusing antics. The penguins flawlessly add so much to the show's humorous side without detracting from the story. It's amazing how I can find this plot/character oriented show so much funnier than the dull "comedies" that are thrown out every season with obviously no effort. Not all comedies, but generally speaking.

mawaru penguindrum
Penguin 2, you are my favorite character of the season.

I'm still completely clueless about what "Survival Strategy" means, but after this episode I'm assuming the Penguindrum is Ringo's diary, or possibly even the stamp she uses to mark the pages. Maybe I'm looking to far into it, but let's say she writes in her diary something she wants to happen and then stamps it with "Destiny" and it comes true. I don't know! It's fun to think about though, it's like a Death Note for creepy teenagers.

The contrasting views of fate were played with more this episode, but if Ringo is altering events that happen, how can she really call it destiny? I don't believe in "fate", so I'm more so on the side of Kanba, but I like how fate is becoming a recurring theme. Also, what is with those men/women's restroom sign-people walking all over the placer? I'm sure there's some deeper meaning, but I'm not finding it.

What did you think of episode 2?

mawaru penguindrum
Oh how I wish I had a penguin.


  1. It was great, but while I love the transformation scene, I was hoping that they change it up a little more.

  2. @Kyubey Mittens

    I feel the same way, but now that it has been done two episodes in a row I doubt it'll change much, unfortunately. )= (well, maybe during the second cour!)