Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 03: Curry and Creeps

mawaru penguindrum, mawaru penguin drum, penguindrum, kanba, shouma, ringo, himari, penguins
One big crazy happy family!

This episode was just as flashy and enjoyable as the first two, but it felt like a 23 minute extension of the previous, the Takakura boys are still far from retrieving the "penguindrum", but at least now they have more clues to work with. Though lots of questions are starting to pop up for me while watching, I still feel this is one of the best shows of the year and I can't wait to see more.

The focus was once again on Ringo, the obsessed stalker of Keiju who also has some connection with the "penguindrum", and while you might be thinking that it sounds like a repeat of last week, this episode managed to tie in some actual development for Ringo's character. That's great and all, but I still feel as if something is missing. Maybe it's because I'm beginning to feel like I have no connection to the main cast who, as I mentioned last week, aren't developed beyond their love for their sick sister. Maybe that's not such a bad thing though, because I can understand their wanting to do anything to help, which includes stalking a stalker.

mawaru penguindrum, mawaru penguin drum, penguindrum, kanba, shouma, himari
mawaru penguindrum, mawaru penguin drum, penguindrum, himari
Strange being inside Himari's body, dressed as a penguin dressed as a cow.

My biggest questions so far are who the heck is the person using Himari's body through the penguin hat, and what the heck is survival strategy!? I have some theories, but they seem too odd to be true. I'm starting to think "survival strategy" might be something sexual, firstly because Shouma always disappears when "survival strategy" is activated by Himari leaving just Kanba (who you might remember kissed his sister in episode one) and also because Himari's clothes always get very revealing and sexual. If it is sexual, which could be completely wrong, than you can't really say it's incest either because Himari isn't Himari when it happens, she's the being from the hat. Though it could still be something incestuous, let's not forget the line Kanba told to Shouma about "saving his innocence for Himari". And if it is sexual, what does it even have to do with the story? I'm confused, and I haven't even mentioned the "penguindrum" yet.

mawaru penguindrum, mawaru penguin drum, penguindrum, yuri, keijo
The type of thing you'd expect from the mind of an obsessed stalker.

The penguindrum was the object of Kanba and Shouma's searching again this week. Last week I thought Ringo's diary might be the penguindrum, but I'm throwing that theory away now thanks to the last minute or so before the ED. Ringo said it's her duty to "execute the fate already written down" which means she's clearly writing things in her diary before they actually happen, or she's just crazy and pretending things happened. Again, I'm confused with this show, which is a good thing, but I'm starting to feel that the penguindrum might not be a physical thing.

My head hurts from theorizing, but that's about all I have to say this week. I love the mystery aspect of the show involving the penguindrum and hopefully soon we'll learn even more, but with 21 episodes to go I think it might be a while! What did you think of the episode? What do you think is the "penguindrum"?

mawaru penguindrum, mawaru penguin drum, penguindrum, penguins
Not enough penguins in this post!


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