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Corpse Party Blood Covered 09: Alternate Dimension

corpse party blood covered, corpse party blood covered chapter 9, yui shishido

With my episodic anime reviews, "flash fun", and occasional editorials, which I really would like to do more of, I'm covering 2 of the 3 hobbies of my everyday life (anime and gaming) and I haven't been giving enough attention to the third, manga. I won't be covering manga very often, but the ones I truly enjoy I'll talk about when new chapters are released, and who knows, maybe I'll help you find a great new manga to read!

Corpse Party Blood Covered is a manga I stumbled across while searching for a story similar to Battle Royale, which is one of my favorite reads. Though the two are completely different in every way, CPBC has proved to be quite enjoyable. I'm a huge fan of horror/psychological-type anime and manga, so whenever I come across something like this I usually give it a try. It combines elements of both moe and horror to create a gruesome and often time extremely creepy experience, sort of like Higurashi, but a little more bizarre.

corpse party blood covered, corpse party blood covered chapter 9

The story follows nine characters (six students, one teacher, and one of the student's sister) who, after a sudden earthquake, find themselves trapped inside the demolished Tenshin Elementary School in an alternate dimension, and within the halls are ghosts and spirits of the children killed in the school. However, what makes things difficult is that there are multiple dimensions separating the group and because of that they are apart in smaller groups. Deeeep breath. If you're interested, go give it a try, but spoilers are ahead.

In chapter nine another group is introduced consisting of Yui Shishido, the teacher, Yoshiki, the rebellious nice guy, and Ayumi, the cheerful story teller. After hearing the cries of one of the students in another dimension Shisido sensei decides to go out and try to find the source, since she's unaware of the dimensions. She leaves behind Yoshiki to watch over Ayumi who is having a panic attack and seems to be really clingy to her teacher. I was sort of surprised that Ayumi's personality totally flipped from the beginning, but luckily she has Yoshiki around who seems like a good guy. But, why than was Ayumi so persistent on not staying with him? I think there might be more to him than we know, which is like nothing at the moment.

corpse party blood covered, corpse party blood covered chapter 9, ayumi

After the death of one my favorite characters last week, I was really hoping they'd give time to develop the cast before moving on to another. That didn't happen. Shishido sensei got a little bit of development about how much she cared for her students, but beyond that I wasn't overly emotional about her death. They gave me no reason to love her or hate her, but at the same time I think she's amazing for choosing to die to save the kids. Being the only adult of the group I didn't expect her to live long anyway, but that's two deaths in 2-3 chapters, I really hope they don't rush this.

Next chapter will be really interesting since it seems Ayumi is either possessed or just crazy from all the events that happened, and by the way it's looking she'll probably come across her dead teacher. Though I'm really enjoying the manga, mostly for the setting and the creepiness, I hope the creators develop the characters and advance the story surrounding the school soon. It's nice to have the focus on the characters, but not all the time, especially when you're killing them off like blonde girls in a slasher flick.

And don't forget to check out the Omake at the end of this chapter!


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