Friday, July 15, 2011

NO.6 02: The real world.

Things ... they just got serious.

One week, that's all the time No.6 needed to properly introduce it's characters and now we're already diving into an incredibly interesting plot. With No.6's sudden time-skip we're thrown into a whole new reality for Shion, who is now living in Lost Town after being banished from Chronos for helping a VC (Nezumi) to escape, however even that doesn't last too long.

No.6 is moving at a speedy pace, and with only 9 episode to go I'm excited to see the direction it will take us. It has all the makings for a great series: dynamic and likable characters, a steady plot, and an amazingly complex dystopian setting. I might be getting my hopes up too high, but I get the feeling No.6 will not end up being just another Fractale.

Safu knows how to get straight to the point.

The second chapter of the story is, as I said before, a good deal into the future from the previous episode. The characters have grown up, their lives have changed, but Shion is still his naive self. Likewise, Safu is still ... well, she's still Safu. I'm starting to dislike her character a bit, though I do love her VA (and no, she's not the same VA of Hotori from Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, even though they sound incredibly similar). I suppose Safu's forwardness could be admirable, but I find her to abrasive and maybe even slightly conceited. This might sound odd, but sometimes I think Safu is too smart for her own good. Rather than trusting in Shion's words and feelings, she reads his reactions and facial expressions to trick him. She seems like ... a product of Chronos, developed only to better District 6.

This week we also got a look into Lost Town, the outer region on District 6 where those who aren't smart enough to live in Chronos reside. And, it doesn't seem like all that bad of a place. The people are friendly and considerate, especially compared to the uptight jerks from Shion's class in episode 1, and it just generally seems more casual. Unfortunately for Shion, he won't be staying there any longer, and that's where the plot kicks in.

Nezumi to the rescue!

I don't like summarizing, and if you're reading this you've most likely already seen the episode, and if you haven't then at least this is mostly spoiler free. But, things got crazy! I wasn't expecting the plot to start moving so quickly, but I'm glad it did. For now, I want to believe the age-progression virus from the bee-like creatures has something to do with Nezumi, whose sudden appearance has yet to be explained.

The action sequences looked spectacular, and for some reason I was really impressed with the animation when Shion and Nezumi were running away from the "police". Anyway, now that Shion has been thrown into a new setting, with most likely new characters as well, I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm assuming that Nezumi and this "real world" town (if you can call it that) are planning on taking down District 6. But, who knows!?

So, how do you feel about the newest developments?

I couldn't help myself.


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