Friday, July 22, 2011

NO.6 03: Collapse

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No.6 has worked it's way up to being the show I look forward to most each week, even more than Penguindrum. It might not have the flashy, vibrant animation of Penguindrum or the cuteness factor of Ikoku Meiro, but what makes it stand out to me is the stunning cast of characters and the intricate, character-driven plot. And every week I moan about the length, but I'm starting to feel that BONES might just be able to pull this off.

This week was very dialogue heavy, but it never became boring. Almost the entire episode was inside a single room and yet the tense, nail-biting moments involving Shion's bite (which I stupidly forgot to mention last week, but I'm sure you didn't miss it) and the great chemistry between the two leads left no moments of repose. In a way, it's like an affirmation of the first episode and the glaring differences between Shion and Nezumi.

no. 6, no.6, no 6, shion
Safu will not be pleased.

Since episode one I was extremely curious about the promotional art for the show. In every picture I had seen Shion had white hair and strange marks on his face, and though I knew it wasn't going to be a result of something completely random, I was pretty shocked (and disappointed in myself for not realizing last episode) that the sudden aging from the mark on his neck would be the cause. I do have to say though, he looks a lot better and way more interesting than he did with the plain brown hair. Much more fitting for a sci-fi lead. (Safu might readily disagree with me on that though!)

Last week I also said I thought Nezumi had something to do with the disease spreading through the bee-marks, and that was dismissed this episode, unless he's amazing at lying. His reactions seem very genuine and he was just as surprised as Shion. So, that leaves the question, is this some type of natural disease that somehow passed detection from District 6's scientists, or is this a human-manufactured disease?

no. 6, no.6, no 6, shion, nezumi
That's Nezumi, always looking on the bright side.

If I had to take a side, I'd probably agree with Shion on letting District 6 know about the disease before it's too late, but on the other hand I understand Nezumi's point that they probably won't listen or believe them. However, Shion and Nezumi seem to be underestimating District 6, because they, according to Nezumi, are aware of something and even have a sample of previously infected body. The more I talk about it, the more interested I get in origins of the disease and how it will be handled. If what Shion predicts will happen, and all the bees awaken from their hosts at the same time during the start of Spring, it might get really gruesome.

All this talk of Shion and Nezumi's differences also brings up the new issue introduced at the end of the episode, and that's the possible rivalry that might develop between the two. Clearly they both have opposing thoughts on the issue of the disease. One wants to warn and protect the city, the other wants to watch it burn. How will it be handled? I'm as clueless as you are! (Unless you read the manga/light-novel, which I might start reading, but only up to where I am in the anime!)

no. 6, no.6, no 6, dogkeeper, inukashi

Besides the story developments, a new character was finally introduced, the owner of a Hotel and a dog-loaner named "Dogkeeper". (Research tells me her name is Inukashi, which might mean Dogkeeper, but I don't know.) Anyway, she seems to be involved with Nezumi's secrets and might help Shion figure out why he hates District 6 so much. I'm hoping she'll become an important character, because she's pretty awesome.

So, what did you think of episode 3? What do you think of the disease, natural or manufactured? Do you think Shion and Nezumi are good leads so far?

no. 6, no.6, no 6, rats
These guys can be so cute ... even if they're rats.


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