Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation 03: The sound of Paris.

ikoku meiro
Claude's idea of Japan isn't exactly accurate ...

Ikoku Meiro is one of those shows where you can turn off the world around you for 23 minutes and enjoy a beautiful setting and captivating characters without the stress of the real world. The story is far from rushed and is so perfectly paced and simple that you can watch without missing important dialogue or having to stop the video to check information. It's the only show that I wait until after viewing once to take screencaps, just because I'm so interested in what's going on, and it uses every second of it's time to properly showcase all the materials it has, like it's outstanding soundtrack and gorgeous visuals, among other things.

Very few slice of life series can pull of slow pacing, either the show lacks interesting characters to stop itself from becoming boring or it falls into a predictable state, but Ikoku Meiro has managed to stay enjoyable since the first seconds of episode one. I have to applaud it for staying that way up until now and hopefully for the rest of the remaining episodes.

ikoku meiro
What a terrible father!

This week's focus was on some of the differences between French and Japanese culture, and they managed to mix humor into it to make sure it never became boring. My favorite scene had to be Yune and Oscar exchanging comments about Japanese culture with Claude. Yune and Oscar, who have both experienced the culture, knew exactly what each other were talking about, but watching Claude try and picture their descriptions was hilarious. Watching Yune as she experiences France is also very enjoyable, because most of us are right there with her. I for one have never been to 19th century France, and unless you're a time traveler I doubt you have either, so learning about the different types of food and ways of life keeps me interested.

Also this week was the formal introduction of Alice and Camille Blanche. They only had a small amount of screentime part way through and also after the credits, but it's clear by next episode's preview that they'll become important characters in the show, which I'm iffy about. Alice is annoying, to be blunt. She unnecessarily
screams instead of talking and is obviously a spoiled brat. So, I'm hoping she won't be too important of a character.

ikoku meiro
Aw, Yune searching for Claude in the rain was cute.

The overarching storyline also continued, dealing with the slowly collapsing economic state of the Gallery, which Alice just so happens to be the future inheritor of, so I'm assuming a part of the story will deal with Claude/Yune trying to convince her to stick with it and not let the Department Store take over. It's nice that the story continues through each episode, but I'm glad it's not the focus.

I feel like Ikoku Meiro is a show that I have so much to say about when I'm watching, but as soon as it ends I lose everything I was thinking. Anyway, here's to hoping for more great episodes in the future!

What did you think of the episode?

ikoku meiro
... Nope. Not accurate at all.


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