Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 08: Delusions

They probably deserved it.

No .... nononono. I will not accept what happened this episode. Fyi, this post is spoilerific, so read at your own discretion.


Project M = Project Materinity ... why didn't I see that coming! For the past few weeks I was thinking Project Murder, Project Marriage, Project Mentally Unstable, but I guess I forgot about Ringo desperately wanting to get pregnant. The lengths at which she went to complete the project were something only someone as ... I don't want to say crazy ... someone as "messed up" as Ringo could come up with. It's not about her anymore, and it's not about Keiju, or Yuri, or the penguindrum, it's all about her family, which is such a messed up situation that I guess I kind of understand why she is so determined. I hate her father. Hatehatehate. What kind of person can't even give his own daughter his full attention during lunch, but then goes on to spend a whole day at the aquarium with some other woman and her daughter! The way he acted a few episodes back felt so fake, like he could care less if he ever saw Ringo again. Still, she did go a little too far for a plan that most likely won't even work ...

Apart from the "let's drug Keiju and have his baby" part of the episode, the most interesting, and depressing, had to be the final scene, and the scenes that led up to what happened earlier in the show. It seems we have a Kanba vs. Masako situation going on. Masako needs Project M to succeed, for whatever reason, while Kanba could care less and just wants the diary. I'm assuming the biker at the end who stole half the diary was working for Kanba, which wouldn't be too hard to do with all the money he's been getting from a mysterious source. I could definitely see Masako trying to take out Kanba in the future. BUT OMG. SHOUMA. D: I didn't see that coming at all ... whether or not he's dead is completely unanswered, but if he is it'll be sad not to see my favorite character of the show every week. At least it will hopefully open Ringo's eyes a little and she'll realize that there are other people then her family and her rotten dad that care about her.

Wretched fathers like him deserve to be strangled by eels.

I'm even more excited for next week's episode then usual, but I'm not expecting good news.How do you feel about this episode? Do you think Shouma is gone for good? Do you think Ringo's actions are justified by her situation?

Arguably one of the best lines everrr.


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